Vertical Data Processing  
BIDMA 2018 Submission 16. Paper Title: "Vertical Breadth First Multilevel Path Algorithm to Find All Paths in a Graph"
This section describes the terminology that is associated with graph mining and vertical bit vector approach. This section also describes the algorithms and various graph data sets that have been used in this study. A brief introduction about path update is also presented. Click here to open the appendix as a PDF. A full 6-page version of the extended abstract can be found here.
  BIDMA 2018 Submission 13. Paper Title: "Vertical Data Processing for Mining big data: A Predicate Approach"  
This section provides a detailed description of the experimental design and boolean operations. Experiment design includes research questions that are investigated in this study, variables that are used and experiment algorithms. Click here to open the appendix as a PDF.

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