My teaching abilities lie in the area of Software Engineering, Software & IT Project Planning/Management, Computer Security, and Software Security. At Montclair State University, I have taught undergraduate and graduate level courses ranging from Introductory Python Programming to IT Project Management. The following list provides an overview of courses that I have taught.

Montclair State University
  • Information Technology Project Management (CSIT 416; Undergraduate)
    • Fall'18, Spring'19, Fall'19, Spring'20, Fall'20, Spring'21, Fall'21
  • Software Engineering I (CSIT 315; Undergraduate)
    • Fall'21
  • Software Engineering II (CSIT 415; Undergraduate)
    • Spring'22
  • Cyberspace Governance, Policy, and Ethics (CSIT 590; Graduate)
    • Spring'22
  • Database Systems (CSIT 555; Graduate)
    • Spring'21
  • Computer Security (CSIT 460; Undergraduate)
    • Spring'20
  • Advanced Topics in Software Engineering (CSIT 615; Graduate)
    • Spring'20
  • Information Technology Project Management (CSIT 610; Online; Graduate)
    • Fall'19, Summer'20
  • Python Programming I (CSIT 104; Undergraduate)
    • Spring'19, Fall'20, Fall'21
  • Co-op Education CS and IT (CSIT 491; Undergraduate)
    • Spring'20, Spring'21, Fall'21, Spring'22

North Dakota State University

  • Business Use of Computers (CSCI 116 / MIS 116; Undergraduate)
    • Spring'10, Fall'10, Spring'11   


"In a humble state, you learn better. I can't find anything else very exciting about humility, but at least there's that." ~ John Dooner

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